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How Can We Help

We understand the importance of vision and the sanctity of individuality, and want your wedding to express your uniqueness and personalities from start to finish. Planning stages will be spent getting to know you, maximizing your budget, building an exciting schedule that flows and reflects you as a couple and being on hand to provide guidance every step of the process.

Weddings in Connemara range from delicate understated ceremonies on the beach to three-day festival affairs including bungee jumps and all-night dancing. However you imagine the nuptials,

our aim is to shoulder the potential pressures and allow you to spend the day soaking up the well-wishes and making beautiful memories with loved ones - whether you need us there from day one or just on-hand for “I Do”!

What We Can Offer...

A Helping Hand Package

For the couple who know exactly what they want and simply need an experienced hand to point them in the right direction. With our team you have the luxury of local knowledge and contacts at your disposal.

All But The Big Day Package

Modern life is demanding, and few people understand this better than a couple trying to find time to plan their wedding. Of course, there are those of us who also love nothing better than executing best-laid plans. Allow us to give you breathing space without taking the actualization of the big day from you. Following a consultation to get a feel for your sense and style and to establish objectives, we work side-by-side with you until you are ready to fly free up that aisle.

Finer Details Package

You've booked your venue, got your hotel sorted... now you need some advice on the hidden gems that the location offers to make the most of your day and setting. Once again, we can assist you with a plethora of knowledge and inside tips, coordinating those finer details that will complete your celebrations. We are no further than an hour from anywhere in Connemara, so allow us to do the research and leg work here while you can focus on the enjoyable bits at home!

From Proposal To Aisle Package

Navigating the glorious world of weddings is exciting but can also sometimes be over-whelming, especially when 'real life' just insists on butting in on precious planning time! Many couples find that what starts as a joyful endeavour can quickly turn to tears and tantrums without the focus and experience that a wedding planner is so eager to offer. Let us deal with the nitty-gritty planning and discreet clock-work running of your day - from the moment you say “Yes” to the day you say “I Do!”, we will facilitate your exquisite occasion just as you imagined.

The Whole Nine Yards

The world is getting smaller and increasingly visitors are coming from far and wide, either to settle in this exceptional part of Ireland or to soak up the rugged romance for a destination wedding. If you are planning on getting stuck-in and diving into a real Connemara style wedding with guests travelling to you, then we can organize a full 2 or 3 day event! So many couples reflect on their day and bemoan how little they got to interact with their many guests, particularly those who have travelled for the occasion.

So allow us to arrange a veritable feast of festivities for your family and friends with plentiful opportunity to enjoy their company or slip away while they are having fun... We can organize anything from adventure activities to keep your eager guests occupied the day before, to a leisurely cruise during sunset on the Killary fjord the day after to soak up the afterglow. We can book seaweed baths for sore-footed Aunties or a traditional music session with a tasty BBQ for those with dancing shoes still intact!


For more details on pricing and services please email info@connemaraweddings.com

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